• Divorce

    At MCR Law Firm, we have the experience necessary to help you resolve your divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible. Whether you are in the middle of a divorce or are simply considering it an option, let us help you through your unique situation.

  • Legal Separation

    If you’re unsure about ending your marriage or are against divorce for any reason, a legal separation may be your best option. Our law firm can help you create a thorough agreement that covers each aspect of your separation, including child custody and property division.

  • Domestic Partnerships

    Are you unmarried and want to protect your interest in a piece of joint property? Are you unable to make a serious medical decision for your long-term partner? Our law firm can create a domestic partnership agreement to protect your rights as a non-married couple.

  • Mediation

    If you are unable to come to an agreement on a particular dispute with another party, let us help you reach an acceptable solution. Through mediation, we at Helton Law Firm serve as an objective third-party to can help you discuss your issues and create a mutual agreement.

  • Child Custody, Support & Visitation

    If you have a child and plan on leaving your partner or spouse, it is likely that the courts will become involved with the dissolution of the relationship. Let us help you create an agreement that gives you the results you want and keeps your child’s best interests at heart.

  • Wills & Trusts

    Our estate planning services help you retain power over your belongings if you die or are injured. Let us help you create a trust, which allows someone else to make decisions in your best interest if you are incapacitated, or a will to distribute your assets after death.

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